Optimised Press Release Marketing Services Seen As Essential Tools For The Traffic

Products in the news items and being written about in different places are considered to be the happening things. Search engine optimisation providers also extend their services into the press release marketing, apart from the article and link submission. Press releases are contents that have descriptions of events and news about a company and its brands, whose marketing is intended. When these contents are written and released into the web portals, they appear during the search results. From here, the customers can be targeted into the parent website where the products are displayed in full public view.

SEO Online Press Releases services India

SEO press releases can bring you first-page visibility for your keywords very quickly. Sometimes, you can take over multiple spots on the the first page of Google for your keywords.

  • Backlinks from credible news sites which increases the ranking of your website or blog for your keywords
  • Visibility in search engines
  • Ranking in Google News and Yahoo News for your keywords
  • Tens of thousands of headline impressions across hundreds of blogs, websites, and news sites that run RSS headlines
  • Potential media coverage
  • Can help your new website escape from the “Google Sandbox” quickly


SEO Press release writing services

Rub The Web can create a low-cost customized one-page professional press release for your business. Our service includes:

  • 60 hours or less turnaround time
  • Revision of the press release

Cost : US $30.00

What you have to provide us

Send an email to rubtheweb@gmail.com with the name and URL (web address) of your business, a brief description of the content of the press release, and any other relevant information. One of our professional writers will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your information, ask any necessary follow-up questions, and provide payment details.


SEO Press Release Editing Service

 After drafting your press release, not sure if your press release are good enough? Let our Press Release Professionals edit, proofread, and polish it for you at the lowest price on the web. This service is only for already-written press releases. We will not add or remove any content from your release; we will just give it a professional touch. We understand that press releases are carefully written to convey a specific message, so our changes will not unduly alter the content or tone of your text. Fee: US $10.00

 What you have to provide us The ordering process is very simple. First, you need to send us your press release via email in MS Word format to seo@rubtheweb.com

Press Release Requirement:

 * Press Release should be less than 400 words for best result.

* For press releases over 400 words, we will give you an estimation for your release.

*  In MS Word format.

SEO Press Release Distribution service

Rub The Web offers press release distribution services at an affordable price. We will submit your press release to top 10 press releases site by changing the content into 10 different contents. Our changes will not unduly alter the content or tone of your text. This means 10 contents with slight changes so that search engines don't take it as duplicate. We consider this to be so important in SEO Press Releases.

 Fee: US $50.00

What you have to provide us

The ordering process is very simple. First, you need to send us your press release via email in MS Word format to seo@rubtheweb.com Press Release Requirement:

* Press Release should be less than 400 words for best result. * For press releases over 400 words, we will give you an estimation for your release.

* In MS Word format.


These press releases are written in such a manner so as to contain the optimised keywords which is well researched by the SEO people who have long years of experience in the keyword domain. With the right keywords in the content of press releases, the pages are immediately found in the internet and are displayed in the top ranks. But, having the proper types of press news and releases is where most of the companies do not match Rub The Web.

The agency has people who are not only experts in writing the press release, but have the sufficiency of knowledge to apply the right keywords in the right content. To achieve a better prospect in the writing of these contents, they are needed to be conceptualised first and the story has to be thought of which is perfect for the present day, when the press releases would be published in the internet.

Companies which are involved with press release marketing provide the consultancy and services of bringing out the best press releases. Since these contents are keyword optimised, they have the maximal chance of being recognised by the search engines. The best part of these marketing strategies is that such contents can be included in every type of search engine and it assures exposure to all sites and visitors.

With the modern designing options, the releases and news items can be customised with graphics, audio and video files. Experts also provide the facilities of geo tagged press distribution, which are important profile of the SEO services with regards to the press release marketing. Many websites, especially those with products and services meant for consumers, are resorting to this form of marketing so that they appear in the visible spectrum of most of the consumers. This particular method of marketing has been in circulation since a very long time, but its effectiveness in search engine results is a cause of its rampant utilisation.

SEO techniques have been incorporating this particular strategy in their works and are being offered to the clients for an effective visibility and traffic generation. Due to the success provided by this form of marketing, many websites are demanding the press releases to be written by competent experts in the SEO agencies.

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